India and Bangladesh government is cheating Bangladesh


Rampal power plant will be built at a cost of $ 200 a kilo; The government of Bangladesh will give 160 crores of dollars, this is 70 percent of the capital; PDP will give 15 percent (20k dollars) of capital, the remaining 15 percent (20 crore) will be given by India’s National Thermal Power Company; So, the ownership of the government of Bangladesh will be 70%, PDP ownership will be 15%, the company will own 15%.


But the proportion of ownership is not in the ratio of dollars: PDP gets 50% ownership, 50% of Indian company gets; How is it possible? If the Bangladesh government gives its own ownership to semi-governmental organizations PDP, PDP will own 85%; Indian company will own 15%; Since the government of Bangladesh is taking loans; Capitalizing on debt, how is the Indian company getting ownership of the capital of the government of Bangladesh? Is it the ‘son’ or ‘daughter’ of the government of Bangladesh? Its ownership increased from 15% to 50%?


All the 2.6 million employees of the government of Bangladesh saw the leaked question paper and examined the test? How are they going to be in the country?


To stop this, the Indian company does not need to make a son or daughter with the loan in the name of the nation; Bangladeshi girls of 11 million girls have become their slaves in the house; Most are in the bureaucrats and business houses; More than 3.5 million daughters are running a sewing machine in the morning! There is no reason to give Indian billionaires’ dollars by imposing debt burden on them.


The worst news is that one of India’s heavy electric Rampal will be installed as a power station. It seems, the government’s people are thinking that this center will be abandoned during the construction; As a result, whatever the cost, the rest of the dollar will go to the pocket of many! Otherwise, it is difficult to digest these logic anyway; Or the government thinks that there are 17 people in the country, there are 17 koti idiots!


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