Problems of 46 years of Bangladesh, which are still not resolved

chandgazi- (1)

The problem of Bengali people with mountainous people is economic, land grabbing; Then added cultural problems and the Bengali’s own problems were mounted on the hills.


In 1971, during the War of Liberation, the hill king, King Tridib Rai, opposed the liberation war (as far as possible) for fear of Pakistani soldiers; Pakistans give weapons to some hills, pay them; The king also paid a little money to the king. Earlier, due to the Kaptai dam, some land was lost due to the king’s house; Pahari was angry at the Pakistan government for not paying proper compensation to the Pakistan government; During the war, Pakistan was not going to go; Prior to the war, the relation between Bengalis and the Pahari was always good. The king fled to Pakistan when the possibility of defeating the Pakis; Pakistan honors the honor of minister for one’s life; He left his life some years ago.


After December 16, 1971, thousands of Razakars and Al-Badar fled to the Hill; Some of the hillocks benefited as little as a provider and also got weapons; Pakistani provocations, the razakars’ presence, and the Pakistani support of the war during the war, the paharis are being opposed to a few Bengalis, with the king being run away. Again in Pakistani times, for the Karnaphuli paper mills of Kakuria, the bamboo used to come to the hilly areas of the hills, many who used to drink Bangla wine, and also used to do jing jing with hill girls with little money; These were added to the opposition of Bengali.


During the war, the hills which were roughly in the role of the Razakars, they hide in Indian territory and deep forests due to fear; In these, the mountainous families are damaged. In the areas where they fled to the secluded areas, the eastern Indian separatist base was in deep forest. These are in these remote areas; Indian separatists were involved in killings, smuggling etc. The ‘Shanti Bahini’ was formed in the presence of the hiding and the razakars; The peace forces are talking about an independent hill country in mountainous areas to the pahari


Since the war, the mountains realized that the king’s support of Pakistan was wrong; The parts of the hills, who knew the education, met Sheikh Sahib, so that the misunderstanding in the time of war ended. During the Pakistani period, the Bengalis did not live in the mountains, and there was a lot of autonomous under the unwritten rules under the mountainous monarch. Sheikh Sahib did not give any assurance of the previous autonomous, and had said, “You become a Bengali with the people of Bangladesh”; It was humiliating for the paharis of that time; The mountains were not happy; The Paharias hoped that the king would be allowed to come to the country with forgiveness; That did not happen; This is in the benefit of the peace forces.



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